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Chicken breast pizza

Chicken breast pizza

First I prepared the dough: in the bowl with flour I made a hole where I put the crushed yeast, sprinkled with sugar, then I poured the warm liquid, mixing with a spoon, to incorporate a little flour; I let the yeast leaven a little and then I mixed the rest of the flour from the bowl. I started to knead the dough, adding salt, then the oil, until the resulting crust stuck to my fingers. I left it to rise for about an hour.

Meanwhile, I cut the chicken breast into cubes, which I lightly hardened in butter. I portioned the raised dough and spread it in trays. I put the tomatoes on top, with the sauce, the chicken breast, the cheese, the peppers, I sprinkled with basil.

I put a few more slices of tomatoes on top, but not of the preserved ones, then I baked the pizza.

Pizza Chicken BBQ

Pizza Chicken BBQ comes to complete the range of pizza with chicken that Pizza Shop offers and delivers in Ploiesti. Pizza Safari & # 8211 with pastrami chicken breast & # 8212 is a fine pizza with the famous white sauce, while Pizza Chicken BBQ & # 8211 pizza with grilled chicken breast and BBQ sauce is a more gourmet pizza and at the same time gourmet, full!

Chicken BBQ pizza with chicken breast has many ingredients and is as fine as it is filling. Contains: mozzarella, cheese mix, mushrooms, peppers, corn, grilled chicken breast and bbq sauce on top

Chicken pizza with chicken breast is a pizza whose recipe and technological process has been worked on a lot. It is the invention of one of Pizzaiolo that we are proud to have arrived in our team at the beginning of 2018. Like Pizza Samurai & # 8212 already in the top of preferences & # 8211 and Pizza Chicken BBQ is the own, personal invention of one of Pizzaiolo! He has a lot of love and passion! The recipe and the technological process were perfected with the ingredients of Pizza Shop Ploiesti, with the technological processes and the inventory of Pizza Shop Ploiesti. A special pizza came out, pizza with chicken and BBQ sauce. All our tests & # 8211 demanding on any new recipe & # 8211 have been passed with flying colors. This is how we deliver in Ploiesti the second pizza with chicken breast, our own invention!

A really full product of Flavor & amp Art from Pizza Shop Ploiesti, handcrafted and manufactured with sea, attention delivered in Ploiesti and surroundings!

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Pizza with chicken breast top and garden tomatoes

Most of the time, the best recipes come out when you don't plan them. In this article I will tell you how I ended up making pizza with a chicken breast. I will put the steps in bold, in case you don't like to read too much.

A chicken breast with existential problems

A few nights ago I was getting ready to make some baked chicken breast with some potatoes and a salad. I sliced ​​the chicken nicely and rubbed it with salt, garlic (3 crushed puppies) and paprika.

But when I put it in the tray, I realized I didn't have baking paper. And because we don't use oil for cooking, I was afraid it would stick.

So I took out the round silicone tray, because it was the only one I could use without baking paper and without oil. I put the chicken in it, but having two pieces of sliced ​​chest, the tray was quite small. All I had to do was squeeze all that chicken breast, until I covered the base of the tray. And then the idea came to me: make me some kind of pizza!

What do you do when you run out of tomato juice?

I went to the fridge to look for tomato juice and mozzarella, but what to see? I didn't have tomato juice anymore. It was Friday, and Saturday is shopping day. So on Friday we cook more with what's left. Luckily that I still had some garden tomatoes from my friends.

I took the biggest tomato which I found, I peeled, I cut it into thin slices and put a layer over the chicken breast.

Over the tomato I put a red onion cut into scales (I can't say Julienne, I don't have the skills). Then I shaved on top of the last piece of dried mozzarella I had (about 30g), over which I put a few slices of zuchinni. I would have put more mozzarella if I had where.

I added a little more salt, some olives and a little dried basil and put the tray in the preheated oven at 175 degrees.

The tomatoes being very juicy, they left their juice in the tray and it would not evaporate. So, I took the tray out of the oven nicely after about half an hour and drained all that juice. Then I left it in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, after which I put it on the plate.

You can see the result in the photos below. It turned out delicious. Juicy, fragrant and healthy. No oil, no flour, no sugar. Too bad it was just one.

Finally, I have a piece of advice, valid for whatever you want to do: don't let yourself be stopped by the small obstacles that may appear in your way. Build on them, because the results can be surprising. Just like this chicken breasted pizza.